What’s in a name?

•December 2, 2008 • 2 Comments

I may want to leave that to the imagination, but already the words “pinoy” and “freud” stand out. Not hard to guess for those who are familiar with these words: pinoy has been the monicker for Filipinos and Freud is of course Freud, no need to explain. I just happen to be a follower of Freud, at least the Lacanian version, the now familiar Return to Freud (since as many people know, there are many readings of Freud, from the ego school to object relations, not to mention the rabid anti-Freudian one aimed at “burying” Freud). What maybe more interesting to find out is, how is Freud read (taken, adopted, used, rejected, etc. etc.) by Pinoys? That would be a good subject for an essay, which I am not going to do here right at this minute. Maybe some other time.


twitter feed failure

•December 2, 2008 • 1 Comment

tried to install a widget here to show my twitter feeds but i failed after many tries. 😦 turns out one needs to add a plugin! i may have to do that another day. (i have not given up.) at least on this one, blogger.com appears to be more user-friendly.

Why another blog?

•December 2, 2008 • 1 Comment

WordPress.com is supposed to be the best blog platform in the world. But it is only a medium. What matters most is the writing itself. Which is not to say that this blog intends to produce good writing. Maybe it will produce the worst. I plan this place to be just a folder or maybe a filing cabinet of notes that I happen to jot down in response to practically any subject that I encounter or ideas that I pick up from some author or from anyone for that matter. No preconceived ideas or plans. I’d like to be surprised by how this thing evolves. This project, if it can be called that at all, is not for anyone espicifically at all, no expectation of others even reading it, although anyone is welcome to take a peek if you find something interesting in the future. (As of now, there is practically nothing here, just blank space mostly.)